Earth Month Olympia was founded on Earth Day 2015 with a pledge to upgrade Earth Day 2016 in our city – because one day is not enough.

Assembly at Lincoln; When we cancelled Earth Day for 2016.
Assembly at Lincoln; When we upgraded Earth Day for 2016.

We observed that many holidays, celebrations and regional professional sports teams are hyper- promoted, persisting for weeks and even months every year. We felt that the well-being of our planet is more worthy of engagement than what typically gets attention in our daily lives. Some folks say “Every day is Earth Day,” and we agree that should be the case, but without a special focus, that approach dilutes the opportunity for Earth awareness to rise above the din of everything clamoring for our attention throughout the calendar year.

Let’s welcome the spring and celebrate Earth Month!

To find out how you can get involved send an email to info@earthmonthwashington.org or call (360) 556-2541.  

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